“Darren dances with his soul. It is as if he understood my story”


A veil dance that is inspired through the eyes of the composer's humanitarian work.
True to its title, The Dawn, speaks of sunlight rising and setting at its same spot.

Song: The Dawn by Sami Yusuf

Belly Dance
Veil work


The mother of Middle Eastern Oriental Dance.
Started by a discreet group of community that has transcended over with time and in today's stage it is accompanied with glittery assembly. Baladi focuses on the earthy connection between a dancers' feet and hips, accompanying by the seductive feed of different musical instruments.

Song: Yasmina of Cairo
Album: Balad W Bas
Track: Solo Taqsim

Belly Dance


The Heart Sutra - is an Asian Fusion Belly Dance choreography. Performed in 2017 during Metamorphosis concert. This dance speaks of the Buddhist gospel, the compassionate heart.
Darren's artistic vision as a dancer and spiritual self allows him to use Oriental Dance as a medium to share the wisdom of the Dharma (teachings of Buddhist)

Singer: Sa Ding Ding
Song: 希然宁泊·自省.心经
(Xi Ran Ning Po – Introspection )

Modern Belly Dance
The Heart Sutra

Dancer in darkness

Dancing in dark waters. Do we know when to find stillness or does stillness find us?

Song: Dancer in the Darkness (黑暗中的舞者)
Дайчин Тана | Daiqing Tana

Belly Dance
Veil work