“Darren dances with his soul. It is as if he understood my story”

Kay (Student)

Darren Ho, is a familiar name I first heard in 2016 introduced by Christine Yaven at a course (JTE Level 1 by Sahra C Kent) that we both attended in Jakarta. Christine assured me Darren isn’t our typical Belly dancer, my research online for Darren mapped me towards one of his work. A Fan-Veil Dance which then became love at first sight, a choreography that I enjoyed watching.

Darren is a quiet and down-to-earth guy. He does not seek attention but somehow stands out, there is a certain ‘Aura’ to which he embodies, his views towards dance (in general) left quite an impression, he is so much deeper and mature than his age and his look (he looks like a boy). We both share an admiration for my teacher, Tamalyn Dallal, whom he has too hosted her back in 2018 for a couple of workshops in Singapore.

Since our first interaction in 2016, Darren never fails to disappoint. His dance philosophies, exploration and experimentation takes him to another level as he constantly seeks knowledge and wisdom to further strengthen his dance. It is evident that he improves each year as I watch him perform and each time it draws me closer to his art which touches my heart. His art delivers such ‘Sacredness’

Tamalyn Dallal | Master Teacher (USA)

I met Darren when he was 13. He showed tremendous talent from the beginning. With a strong base and knowledge of Middle Eastern dance technique and Modern dance, he creates new work by seamlessly gliding from one genre into the other and back again.
Darren Ho is highly professional as well as artistic. He is a dancer to watch and follow.